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We are continually updating our state and national regulatory analysis to help you keep up with the changing regs. See the updated section on the What's New page to find all of the topics.
New Documents
Final Rules:
OSHA has issued a final rule amending the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to conform to the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), primarily Revision 7 (Rev. 7), address issues that arose during the implementation of the 2012 update to the HCS.
White Papers:
Are you ready for the hazards of summer building, including the construction industry’s deadliest hazard?
Use this presentation and associated materials to train employees on safe snow and ice removal.
Use this quiz with the associated presentation to test attendee's retention of the content.
Give this handout to attendees to review safe driving practices during snowy conditions.
Training Exercises:
Use this training exercise with the associated presentation to lead attendees through recalling potential snow and ice removal hazards and safety precautions required to prevent accidents and injuries.
Use this training exercise with the associated presentation to help trainees recall shoveling safety precautions.
Speaker's Notes:
Use this presentation and associated materials to train employees on safe snow and ice removal.
Trainer's Guides:
Use this trainer's guide to help you prepare to lead a session of Snow and Ice Removal Safety using the associated presentation and materials.
Guidance Documents:
Access this OSHA website to review HAZWOPER interpretation letters, fact sheets, and other resources.
Employee Newsletters:
This month’s issue includes information on World Environment Day, World Bicycle Day, and the chemical mesityl oxide.
This month's issue includes information on lockout/tagout (affected employee); inspecting vertical lifelines; protecting yourself from chemical splashes; and loading dock safety (chocking).
Employee News Articles:
When inspecting a vertical lifeline, inspect the hardware, including any snap hooks, ferrules, and thimbles, for damage, breaks, and distortion. Hardware must be free of sharp edges, burrs, cracks, worn parts, and corrosion.
Lockout and tagout devices both prevent access to hazardous energy and warn you to keep away from it. Lockout devices prevent machinery or equipment from being turned on during servicing and maintenance and prevent machine and equipment parts from moving, usually by using locking or blocking devices.
When loading or unloading a truck or trailer, it’s important to prevent injuries and accidents by ensuring the wheels are properly chocked.
Eye exposure to hazardous chemicals can cause permanent blindness, as well as other damage or irritation to the eyes, and eye and face protective devices are critical to preventing this exposure.
Quiz for "Protecting yourself from chemical splashes"
Updated Documents
Added in the last 14 days
149334regActivity.aspx/workplace-safety-regulatory-activity/final-regulations/hazard-communication/29-CFR-1910-Hazard-Communication-Standard-Final-Ru/Hazard Communication Final Rules 29 CFR 1910 - Hazard Communication Standard; Final Rule
149333reference.aspx/workplace-safety-reference-materials/white-papers/construction-safety/construction-safety/Constructions-deadliest-hazard-Falls/Construction - GeneralWhite Papers Construction's deadliest hazard: Falls
116785training.aspx/training/workplace-safety-training-powerpoints/employee-health/heat-and-cold/Snow-and-Ice-Removal-Safety-PPT/Heat and ColdPowerPoints Snow and Ice Removal Safety (PPT)
116786training.aspx/training/quizzes/employee-health/heat-and-cold/Snow-and-Ice-Removal-Safety-quiz/Heat and ColdQuizzes Snow and Ice Removal Safety (Word)
116787training.aspx/training/workplace-safety-training-handouts/employee-health/heat-and-cold/Snow-and-Ice-Removal-Safety-handout/Heat and ColdHandouts Snow and Ice Removal Safety (PDF)
116788training.aspx/training/workplace-safety-training-exercises/employee-health/heat-and-cold/Snow-and-Ice-Removal-Safety-exercise/Heat and ColdTraining Exercises Snow and Ice Removal Safety
116789training.aspx/training/workplace-safety-training-exercises/employee-health/heat-and-cold/Snow-and-Ice-Removal-Safety-exercise-116789/Heat and ColdTraining Exercises Snow and Ice Removal Safety
116790training.aspx/training/workplace-safety-training-speakers-notes/employee-health/heat-and-cold/Snow-and-Ice-Removal-Safety-notes/Heat and ColdSpeaker's Notes Snow and Ice Removal Safety (PDF)
116791training.aspx/training/workplace-safety-trainers-guides/employee-health/heat-and-cold/Snow-and-Ice-Removal-Safety-guide/Heat and ColdTrainer's Guides Snow and Ice Removal Safety (PDF)
149302reference.aspx/workplace-safety-reference-materials/guidance-documents/hazardous-substances-and-materials/HAZWOPER-hazardous-waste-operations-and-emergency-response/OSHA-HAZWOPER-Resources/HAZWOPER Guidance Documents OSHA HAZWOPER Resources
149303employeeNewsletters.aspx/workplace-safety-employee-newsletters/June-2024-Customizable-EHS-Employee-Newsletter/Safety - GeneralEmployee Newsletters June 2024 Customizable EHS Employee Newsletter
149304employeeNewsletters.aspx/workplace-safety-employee-newsletters/June-2024-Customizable-Safety-Employee-Newsletter/Safety - GeneralEmployee Newsletters June 2024 Customizable Safety Employee Newsletter
149305training.aspx/training/employee-news-articles/employee-safety/personal-fall-protection-systems/Inspecting-vertical-lifelines-149305/Personal Fall Protection SystemsEmployee News Articles Inspecting vertical lifelines
149306training.aspx/training/employee-news-articles/equipment-and-process-safety/lockout-tagout-LOTO/LockouttagoutAffected-employee/Lockout/TagoutEmployee News Articles Lockout/tagout—Affected employee
149307training.aspx/training/employee-news-articles/equipment-and-process-safety/material-handling-safety/Loading-dock-safetyChocking/Material Handling - GeneralEmployee News Articles Loading dock safety—Chocking
149308training.aspx/training/employee-news-articles/employee-safety/eye-and-face-protection/Protecting-yourself-from-chemical-splashes/Eye and Face ProtectionEmployee News Articles Protecting yourself from chemical splashes
149309training.aspx/training/employee-news-articles/employee-safety/eye-and-face-protection/Protecting-yourself-from-chemical-splashes-Quiz/Eye and Face ProtectionEmployee News Articles Protecting yourself from chemical splashes: Quiz
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